May 14, 2020

Greetings! I see so many things in this energy work session. I see those that are in space comparable to sitting next to a babbling brook in beautiful meadow on a sunny day and all along the spectrum to those that feel like they are on punishment and have been grounded by their parents. There’s lots of confusion and fear of the unknown too in these unprecedented times. People are struggling with the stillness and quiet. It allows you to be alone with your thoughts, your life and choices you have made. You are forced into a space of self-reflection. Forced to not be the “do-er” all of the time. This can be a tough space to be in. Sit with it. There is no mistake in where we are at right now. This is a necessary. Embrace it and do the work. You are always on a path of self-mastery and this time we are in now is no different, if not more so. And when you do your work, it allows for the shifting of others too. Imagine humanity as that old game of tangled sticks where the goal is to pull out a stick that will allow for the ball to fall through and the sticks are your attachments, beliefs, and concepts. Every stick we each pull gets us all closer to the goal of liberation. We can do this. Take this time to also meditate and contemplate. Do things that make your heart full like gardening, cooking, creating… whatever it may be. This time is a blessing, embrace it.

Disclaimer: Now that I see the picture of the game, I was obviously playing this game wrong as a child and made up my own rules, lol.

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