July 23, 2020

Ever hear a song and you don’t know if it’s evoking you to cry tears of tremendous sadness or beauty? People are feeling this way now. Wavering between moments where you can see the beauty in all that’s going on, the silver linings, but then you feel the tremendous sadness of what’s occurring at the same time. It’s hard not to label, remember there’s nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so. Experience it but be careful of what you label and what you are putting out. Look around you. Humanity has gone into crisis mode. So many people are taking all that is happening and making it very personal and their way of handling it is all over the spectrum and unpredictable. As personal as this may feel, it’s not personal.

Remember the Wizard of Oz? The tornado? Dorothy gets knocked out and lands in Oz. The whole crazy beautiful scary thing seems so real, but then she wakes up. We’re in Oz right now trying to find our way back home, but Oz was also a place of infinite potential, things Dorothy never imagined could be, were and did happen. She was far more powerful of a creator and manifester than the thought. Enjoy the crazy beautiful experiences and know the time will come where you will have the ability to wake up in an instant, just like Dorothy did. ❤️🙏❤️

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