August 7, 2020

Humanity is having such a hard time right now. You’ve got the pandemic, BLM, white privilege politics, Beirut, earthquakes, hurricanes and a lot of civil unrest. And there’s a knowing that it all will get worse. We live in a polarized reality so as the light comes forward, so must the dark, we want change, so there is more dark to be seen. Archangel Chamuel is doing a lot of work around our hearts to remove the compression and to allow for the expansion. There’s a struggle with “what if?” What if this is permanent? What if this changed everything? What if the changes we want don’t happen? What if I or a loved one catches it? And all of the personal what if’s too. Remember no labels, there is no good or bad, only what you think about it makes it that. There’s no loss of control, you never had control anyway. Learn to roll with it and be more fluid, especially as we are stepping out of linear space and time. You may feel confused or wonky and that’s ok too.

Now is the time to recognize our interconnectedness. Find the heart connection in each other, recognize God in all of us, and God is in all of us whether you see it or not. People are craving the heart connection. When you go to the grocery store, heart connection, when talking to family or friends, heart connection. Don’t get caught up in the confusion and polarization that is running. Ego so easily gets caught up and it’s super easy right now since it’s running so strongly. Chill out, give yourself a rest, meditate and connect with Divine. And remember, we are individuated but never separated. You are being supported by the Divine feminine at this time, you are loved, you are Love. ❤️🙏❤️

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