Greetings! For a little over a month now I have been doing my group energy work sessions through zoom, one at noon and one at 9pm. It amazes me how what comes through for each group can be so different. However there is always an underlying message for both groups that is the same. That is what I will be posting here going forward. This week’s energy and message was all about the fact the we are One, that there is only One. That we are Interconnected, Interdependent & Interrelated. The energies are crazy right now, very chaotic and sometimes even volatile. Remember no labels, and that it’s two sides to the same coin. Try to stay centered as much as possible. Of course look at the things that need to be looked at, but outside of that try to find the joy, peace and gratitude. Do what you need to do to not get caught up in these energies because it’s very easy to and to make it personal. Play music to uplift you, watch a funny movie or YouTube, do what you need to do because it has gotten very intense. The depression, anxiety, anger and sadness has become very heavy and thick. We have the support needed to do this from Divine. A very important reminder that came through was: We’re All One, so how can you not have the support of Divine?


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