Greetings! Feeling the shifts of 2021 already? For a lot of you it may feel like a weight upon you. Collectively people have a lot of great expectations for this year. Hopes for themselves, politics, humanity, earth, money, careers, etc. And 2020 collectively left a very bitter taste in our mouths. So far 2021 doesn’t feel like a brand new year or like those high expectations will be coming through for us. We are still in our deep dive of self-exploration and things needing to come to the surface. Let go of those expectations. Expectations are attachments to desires you feel are unfulfilled. We are shifting, but it has to occur at a rate that can collectively be handled. 2021 is a year of change. Either you are able to roll with the changes or it’s going to be a tough year. You can do this, you are supported. No labels. Let go of the attachments and expectations.

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