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Sacred Grace

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Customized, Intuitive, Energetic Guidance & Support

I connect with the Divine to bring forth what is for your highest good. The work is authentic movement, in the moment with each person, and can take on many forms. I have been doing energy work for over ten years and this work is continuously evolving. To better understand the work that is done, we can break down the name the work (Integrative Energy Conduction) has been given. It has become evident for both myself and those I have worked with, that the energy work being done provides the grace to see that we are all one, parts to a greater whole, and truly all interconnected, hence the word integrative. The energy flows into and through me and then out in a conduction manner in a sense that is of both physics and physiology, sometimes even transferring heat. I can also receive messages from Divine. Everything is energy and this is what allows for the work to be done.

You will also see that I am known by two names. PielleAyan is my spiritual name. Lish is my childhood nickname which most everyone I know calls me by. PielleAyan is used for this work because when connected with Divine it is PielleAyan, the Higher Self, that steps in. Either name is fine. I am both and yet am neither.



I have been working with PielleAyan for a number of years now and I am always in awe of the energy work she performs, how spot on she is, and how in touch with the Divine she is. 

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